Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Sunday Worship Service in Chicago

On Sunday January 25, I celebrated my final Sunday worship service in Chicago for at least one year. As part of this celebration I participated in the last of our fellowship's group Bible study for at least the same period of time. I was greatly encourage because my friend Chuck led his very first group Bible study. I pray that this may be the first of many. After the worship service our Bible study group went out and enjoyed a wonderful meal at Bakers Square.

I was excited and at the same time just a touch anxious about what the future might hold. Each Sunday I looked forward to our Bible study because it not only helped me prepare my heart for the worship service, but it gave me a great opportunity to think deeply about the Sunday passage while at the same time listening to what others thought about the same passage. Through these group studies I realized that people all think differently and God reveals His truth to each of us on our own level. Listening to what God was telling others and combining that with what God revealed to me gave me a much deeper understanding of the passage. Having learned this, I hope that I can establish another group study when I reach my final destination in Hadong. Of course for a little while I may have a very hard time understanding what God is revealing to the other members, nonetheless, I would like to participate in one.

I have to go to Chucky Cheeses now - I'll explain later.